UZA (Review & CDs)

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UZA. Well, a really good single. I really try to make this sound like a pro, but honestly I’m not good at this. But yet, the single was really good, even if your or her or his or someone else’s opinion is different, as many people bought this one, as many good opinions of this single exist and still more.

Songs Opinion

  1. UZA
    UZA, for me, it’s one of the best songs in this single. Akimoto-sensei knows which one should be the A-side. He got right for this one too. It’s a bit auto-tuned, but okay. It’s very cool! I love cool things and this one is OMG amazing. But lucky for them it’s was a halloween single, this super amazing single wouldn’t never fit for another theme.
  2. Tsugi no Season
    I don’t really know what I should comment about this song. It’s not one of their best, the undergirls chosen here, together, made the song sound a little high-pitched, but for some, some like me, it would be a good thing. I don’t say I like high-pitched songs, but this song sounds good no matter what you will tell me. I’m happy about adding SKE and NMB members with add a nice Namba and Sakae coolness to the whole single not only the song.
  3. Kodoku na Hoshizora
    I don’t know why people love it. For me, it’s somehow (hard to say it) okay. I love the theme and the lyrics are really good.  But yet, their voices together(don’t understand me wrong way), that way, it doesn’t sound that good. First time I listened to it, it was so annoying(UZA UZA), but listening… it started to sound a better way.
  4. Scrap and Build!
    I love this song! Wow, first time I say this since UZA. New Team K isn’t better than the previous one, but knowing that Nagao Mariya and Shimada Haruka is there, their voices, some Team 4 there, it’s just so amazing. I know, again, Jurina it’s overused, I’m really expecting her to have some breaks in early 2013, because she was over-used in AKB48 singles and SKE48(as the center). But the song was rocking, as usual Team K.
  5. Seigi no Mikata Janai Hero
    This amazing song made me buy the Type B of the single. Yes, I bought it. Let’s do it pro. I like the song because it’s youthful and has some cool moments too. Well, the new Team B sounds really nice, and not childish anymore(talking mostly about Yobisute Fantasy). I haven’t heard a member to be overused, but there are a lot of members that there are not heard at all, like Ume-chan, the captain she got only few lines and 2 second in the PV. Not really good, please Aki-P, use everybody.

Songs Rank For This Single

  1. Seigi no Mikata Janai Hero
  2. UZA
  3. Scrap & Build!
  4. Tsugi no Season
  5. Kodoku na Hoshizora

PV Opinion

  1. UZA
    UZA PV was a very cool one. I can say that better than some others, yet not best in world histories. The dance was very powerful, and of course Yuuko was amazing, other members managed to do a nice job. Love the costumes they used, except the black and white costumes, the ballerina/joker/1800 ladies/etc. Amazing. Joseph Kahn, you rock.
  2. Tsugi no Season
    I love the way they used the GakiKame Theater idea, with free throws(you should see the PV to know what I mean). It’s a nice thing, and Yuria, Rena, Anna, these girls did an amazing job there. And the nice sport outfits with their name on it. Nice ideas! Who made the PVs, who produced this one?  Because it’s amazing just like UZA. That’s the AKB quality.
  3. Kodoku na Hoshizora
    Thought that I didn’t loved the song, the PV is amazing. Kimono AKB girls so amazing!! It’s kind of weird, because I watched to see where’s Acchan, and I couldn’t see her at all. I just didn’t yet realized that she’s not here anymore. But I saw Mayuyu and Rina, which made me so happy. And Mariko, which was turned in a beautiful geisha-like woman. The PV was so elegant.
  4. Scrap & Build!
    The PV is rock! It’s rocks, it rocks. I love the PV better than Zero Sum Taiyou and equal to ALIVE, the other songs by Team K. A really nice PV. They are rocking in a dark place, with all members not really yankee, more like rock-stars. Rocking in a darker place with thunders and light things. Nice!
  5. Seigi no Mikata Janai Hero
    The PV wasn’t very special but I liked it. It was simple, AKB48 again show us students biggest problem. SCHOOL! They just laugh and have fun there, they’re a model there to have fun and don’t care. Just like in NEW SHIP and other things, school looks amazing. But they dancing this amazing song while school, it just makes you want to go to school. Other things, I liked how the dance moves they had to do really fit in the PV. And nice theme which again fit the song.

PVs Rank For This Single

  1. Scrap & Build!
  2. Seigi no Mikata Janai Hero
  3. UZA
  4. Kodoku na Hoshizora
  5. Tsugi no Season

Well, my first bought CD, so I’ve got some things.

First photo is with the two photos I’ve got. An usual Takamina and Sayanee photo, and a special random photo, mine being with Oshima Yuko. But I’ve got one of the centers, YES!! Second one is with my Type B version CD. Doesn’t it look amazing. It’s just so beautiful.

Finally I’ve got a CD.


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