Gingham Check (Review)


Gingham Check. I don’t have the CD. Well, here’s only the review. But I hope it will end nice. Few words before the true review: Gingham Check was the first song I really heard all songs together. Absolutely any song that was in any version of this single. It was first one.

Songs Opinion

  1. Gingham Check.
    I remember what mean said about this single on July 14, first time I heard it. Something like the second, worse version of Guruguru Curtain(which is a really nice song). But these words are gone now.  The song is totally bubblegum, not best bubblegum song, but still a good one. The chorus is pretty catchy. I can’t say I dislike it, but yet not my favorite.
  2. Yume no Kawa
    A pure and sweet song, but very sad. I finally understand why Aki-P doesn’t give many solo lines. Some girls may not be able to keep a line by themselves, and sometime a solo line in AKB48 doesn’t really sounds great. I think that they aren’t really trained for solo lines in a group song(so excluding soloist girls). This is a song you should listen when you’re hopeless and you want to hope. Well, a nice way to do it.
  3. Nante Bohemian
    I want to name this song as my favorite song of this single. But yet, I have to tell you why I like it so much. It’s so dubstep here, and I like because it isn’t auto-tuned like many other dubstep songs. AIAIAIAIA…. I love that part…. It’s really an amazing song. And I don’t think it would be same good with Ume-chan as center, Look! a good part of Akicha being Undergirl again.
  4. Do Re Mi Fa Onchi
    Well, I don’t really like the part of “Do Re Mi… Do Re Mi, Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do…..”, it’s an annoying childish line. But the rest of the song, and also the chorus, is really amazing. A very nice song. I felt in love with it since the very first time hearing it. It’s totally one of best songs from this single
  5. Show fight!
    I mentioned before that I can’t came Nante Bohemian my favorite song from this single, because of this one. It’s a good rhythm, a nice song. It’s a motivation song, and AKB48 does very amazing motivation song(RIVER, Beginner). And this one seems to surpass RIVER, which is currently their best motivation song. It surpasses it thank to the better explanation of the story, here’s a fight and you must get motivated to continue to fight, in RIVER it’s just a Good luck! and Don’t give up!.  Overall, it’s a really nice and rhythmic song.
  6. Ano Hi no Fuurin
    The best ballad of AKB48(from what I’ve heard). A lot of members here, just like in Sakura no Shiori, but better than Sakura no Shiori. There are a lot of good voices here that you must hear. A song that catches your heart with only 1 finger. It’s very pure and beautiful, this song

Songs Rank For This Single

  1. Show Fight
  2. Nante Boheamian
  3. Do Re Mi Fa Onchi
  4. Ano Hi No Fuurin
  5. Yume No Kawa
  6. Gingham Check

PV Opinion

  1. Gingham Check
    I didn’t liked the song very much, but the PV is so awesome. It’s totally OMG. It’s amazing. Joseph Kahn knew how to make AKB48 amazing, and you could saw it in UZA too. Totally awesome. Mayuyu’s haunted house; Yukirin’s dinosaur(or Alien, or what was that) attack; and Yuuko’s police. It was totally awesome. Also with Rena, Miichan and Tomomiichan and Kojharu being part of the haunted house; Takamina, Tomochin as the angels that are helping Yukirin with her problems; Acchan’s cameo as the last number 1(Are ga Nambaa One; sounds like a hostess thing) and Sae-chan, Mariko, Jurina, Ume-chan being the bad guys, stealing things. It’s totally amazing. Great job, Joseph Kahn!
  2. Yume no Kawa
    Well, again. The PV was much better than the song. It followed the theme of The River Of Dreams, things that I liked, because not all songs have a theme that its PV can follow it. Please tell me a way to make a PV for Gingham Check, Girls Dancing in Gingham Check dresses. Please somthing acceptable. And Thx God that Aki-P thought of such a great PV. IDK if Joseph Kahn did the PV for this, but the one that did is awesome.
  3. Nante Bohemian
    I must confess that the PV wasn’t enough amazing to be the equal of the song. It’s good to be a balance.(The opposite happened to Gingham Check, love PV & don’t like the song). But it was one of best I’ve saw and for me it surpassed a lot, a lot of other PVs. It had somehow a fresh air there, I mean “black and white outfits” Dance, and the pool shoots. I loved these.
  4. Do Re Mi Fa Onchi
    The PV for this song was amazing. It was nearly equal to the song(finally one). Well, it followed Cinderella story. But amazing, y’know. Amazing way to put a story there. Honestly, if I was the producer I couldn’t do something as amazing as this. It didn’t had only Wasamin center angles. Every single girl, even least ranked, was shown.
  5. Show fight!
    Very amazing PV. A battle, a fight, a struggle. Amazing. Again, the staff(not repeating Aki-P everywhere) did an amazing job. The dance-shots were really fitting there. And amazing chemistry. Honestly. But I wish that it could have been an end, and see who won the battle(even I we know that Muto Tomu would win, she’s the center).
  6. Ano Hi no Fuurin
    Didn’t had a PV. But I could imagine a kimono thing, following closely Sakura no Shiori.

PVs Rank For This Single

  1. Gingham Check
  2. Show fight
  3. Do Re Mi Fa Onchi
  4. Nante Bohemian
  5. Yume no Kawa

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