Eien Pressure(Review)


Eien Pressure. Not one of best AKB48 singles. But really great one. Well, maybe not best A-side, but all B-sides are really amazing. And honestly I think that it’s worth buying it. This single is rather a 48 franchise single. But each song from this single is special in an own way. Many fans opinion is this: Sister groups are here to help boost sales because I doubt this single can reach 1 mil + Their songs basically owned AKB.

Song Opinion

  1. Eien Pressure
    As I said, not my favorite song. Not my favorite A-side. And honestly, this A-side sounds really bad. For me. The combination of Paruru, Tomochin and Mariko’s voices which sounds more powerful and a bit of Yukirin and Yui, this combination makes a meh song, not because of their voices(because their voices are really beautiful). A meh single if SKE, NMB, HKT and media senbatsu(which is now in the main B-side) wouldn’t help.
  2. Totteoki Christmas
    My favorite Christmas song until now. It’s such a nice song. Except the Christmas part, it’s something that makes you say “We live in such a beautiful world”. The media senbatsu is now here. But I think this could be a better A-side(Damn you Aki-P for making this stupid Janken Single).
  3. Tsuyogari Tokei
    The song is somehow rock, but pleasant. It’s a really great song, and I would love to listen to it everyday. If I’m not wrong I think that has few drops of a motivation song, nice!. Well, SKE48 has better better better songs each time they get one. And honestly I want this as their new single, not as a B-side(but someone has to boost the sales of this single)
  4. HA!
    A really energik and rhythmic single. HA! Sounds really interesting, both song and title. I see that most of the songs had a double center(except Eien Pressure). As usually, the centers there are Milky and Sayanee. It really fits NMB48, this double-center. I see their voices fits perfectly their voices. And thank God that Yui and Nana weren’t boosted as centers, because this song was made for Milky and Sayanee.
  5. Hatsukoi Butterfly
    A sweet song. I love HKT48 from now. I hope their singles will sound like this. Well, not my favorite thing that it’s a Meru center(I hoped for a Sasshi center or Haruka center), but still a very nice song. Anyway, a lot better than Eien Pressure.
  6. Eien Yori Tsuzuku You ni
    Let’s say the song is okay. It is really okay. Well, I can’t say it’s totally my favorite, but acceptable and funny. It’s AKB48 after all, you can’t dislike someting about them. But I have a lot to comment about the PV, and OKL48 which I think that comes from OKLahoma48.

Song Rank For This Single

  1. Tsuyogari Tokei
  2. Totteoki Christmas
  3. HA!
  4. Eien Yori Tsuzuku You ni
  5. Hatsukoi Butterfly
  6. Eien Pressure

PV Opinion

  1. Eien Pressure
    The PV seems doing better than the song. Very interesting PV and one of most amazing PVs I’ve saw until now. Somehow Janken combined with an adventure. I just love it!! Haruka as the new girl that must do something there, Moeno the one that shows her the place. And Kimoto Kanon the bad girl. So beautiful!! That PV!! And queen Mariko!(that was one of best part… hehe).
  2. Totteoki Christmas
    The PV is doing same amazing as the song. As I said my favorite Christmas song, but also my favorite Christmas PV. It’s just so amazing. Except from their red Santa clothes dancing, the meaning, the stories of every member in that PV. You could feel the Christmas air.
  3. Tsuyogari Tokei
    The PV has a nice story. Honestly! A lot of dance-shots, but I have no problem with that. I love the stories they put there. Kitarie’s sadness moments; Rena crying in the bus; Jurina eating and crying same time. The PV touches you.
  4. HA!
    NMB48 + Yakuza. So cool!! Honestly, Yui being on the wrong side, Milky captured; Sayaka with someone trying  to rescure Milky. AMAZING!! And the other part. The boat dance part!! AMAZING. That costumes are so amazing. Love this PV.
  5. Hatsukoi Butterfly
    Mainly only a dance-shot. Here I have a problem because, there was no story with the girls only dancing there and some Meru shoots. Well, I can’t name it one of worst PVs. It’s a really nice PV. And I like that many HKT48 members were included. I saw Sasshi, Anya, Haruka. Not my favortie thing that it’s a Meru center(as I said). But good PV. And I loved the notebook shoots, with the butterfly.
  6. Eien Yori Tsuzuku You ni
    Some people name this song as creepy and annoying, but I like both the song and PV. The song was okay but the PV was totally and really interesting. OKLahoma48 is doing good. I loved the lemons SO MUCH!!! It was cute after all. The only thing I think that broke the amazing PV image was that guy. But still ver good PV
  7. Team B Oshi
    OMG, amazing PV!!! I voted this song too and I’m happy it won. And now it has an amazing PV. Thank God!! Well, I can’t say many thing about it but the purple background really fit. Yankumi Kitarie and Office Lady Tomomichan. So amazing!!! I’m happy that it featured the old Team B, because the song was made for 12 girld from old Team B, it would be hard to include the new girls and honestly Paruru, Renacchi, Kojiharu wouldn’t fit this song. Yuukachan was so amazing there. That was her last thing with AKB48 and it was amazing. Naachan too.
  8. First Rabbit
    First of all, I loved the dresses they danced in. This time I didn’t care about the story. I just loved the dance-shot, and it was enough for me. Really amazing. In the dance-shot, above the dancing girls there are some Dali inspired clocks. Nice!
  9. Sakura no Hanabiratachi ~Maeda Atsuko Ver.~}
    Honestly a waste of votes, because it was already announced that the graduated members will not comeback to film the PVs if they were featured. It was very clear that Acchan wouldn’t comeback. The PV was made of the archieve of Tokyo Dome concert, with the live ver. of the song. Nothing special(the reason why that’s the last song in the PV Rank).

PV Rank For This Single

  1. Eien Pressure
  2. Totteoki Christmas
  3. Team B Oshi(Fans Vote for Songs that Deserves a PV: #1)
  4. HA!
  5. Eien Yori Tzuku You Ni
  6. Tsuyogari Tokei
  7. Hatsukoi Buterfly
  8. First Rabbit(Fans Vote for Songs that Deserves a PV: #2)
  9. Sakura no Hanabiratachi ~Maeda Atsuko Ver.~(Fans Vote for Songs that Deserves a PV: #3)

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