BEST OF 2012: Best Album

Well, the first one that has a worst one thing. Happy to list the best and worst albums. Well, IDK how this will end, but I’m keeping the best parts at the final. Well, I couldn’t do the Worst List. I will update it later. But I’m happy that I did it until here. Hope you like it because I don’t really follow blogs and probably that ten albums below are first albums I saw. Overall, jpop albums this year were really great. The covers too. And it was a great year for Ayu and AKB48. Yeah!


Best Cover Art/Jacket Cover

CollectionParty QueenTRUE LOVERSagainKis-My-1st

Well, I’ve saw a lot of covers. And overall these are most amazing.  Collection made it to the top too. I just liked it. It’s simple but as I said thousand times, simplicity can be a type of beauty. Ayu had 2 of her album into this top. But sexy Ayu from Party Queen is a really great one. Thought the one above is not my favorite out of all 3 covers of this album. But still a nice one.  TRUE LOVERS, well, IDK why but I love it so much. It’s just so original. I can’t describe it other way Again was one of my favorite and I think I really love this. I love the one with Ayu nearly kissing the guy. But still all of them are amazing. And beautiful. Kis-My-1st is definitely my #1 for this year, it’s just a darker look of the boys, but a nice darker look. And so I decided to name it #1.

Best Albums

Kono Hi no Chime wo Wasurenai13 Colorful CharacterOne World1830mLEO

Well, here’s only a top . Hope I’m doing better at Worst. Kono Hi no Chime wo Wasurenai is a nice album, an amazing debut album for SKE48. This album was really epic. As it got a World Guiness Record, everybody knows that it’s a great one.  13 Colorful Character is there because it was a really good album. The tracks were all pretty okay, with few exceptions which were really nice. Next one is One World, which is overall a really nice album charted in this top, I’m happy that it is here. I really liked this one. 1830m is a good album because it’s has a lot of tracks(3 Discs each one with 16 tracks = 48 songs), and it’s worth, as it costs as an usual album. Also, the theme of their dream is a really nice one. LEO is totally most amazing album of the year because most of the tracks are either rock and cool either a slower thing and both options made the song amazing. Also, Ieiri Leo had a great year, and it seems this can prove it(again). Her voice is amazing and because of this she became number 1 for many people.


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