BEST OF 2012: Best Kpop

Well, I didn’t thought I’d be able to do more lists today(but I have nothing better to do). So, I decided to put some KPOP there. But don’t use ugly words if I’m not good at all here. But honestly I think this was hard, KPOP wasn’t my best thing, but I was feeling like I MUST DO ONE TOO. But Kpop fans don’t lose your hope. Top Songs is ready for Kpop too. hehe… So keeping visiting my blog!


Best New Artists (top 3 only)


Hello Venus

Juniel is #1 and I think she deserves it, after debuting unsuccessful in Japan(in February 2012), she probably needed a lot of motivation to keep going and want to debut in Korea. And illa illa was an amazing song. It’s an amazing debut and I want to tell Juniel how amazing she’s. Next one, Bad Guy maybe didn’t reached illa illa’s popularity but was nice too.

AOA is following her close. Seems FNC Ent. did amazing things this year, with Juniel and AOA. All I have to say is “Go! Girls” because they can reach a big level, maybe KARA. ELVIS was a kick-ass good debut. And Get Out was same amazing. I have nothing bad to say. Keep going.

HELLO VENUS is a good rookie. I can’t say about them as the best ever or something like that, but y’know they’re over average. And honestly their debut was a lot better than many others, such like Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls. I just love Lime. Lime can touch IU’s HIGH notes, and can rap. She’s amazing, and one of most talented girls I’ve saw.

Best Song

volume upPSY Vol. 6 Part 1Only OnePANDORA (판도라)Day by Day

Taking from left to right it would be the top 5, and it goes with no.5 Volume Up!, which is really an amazing song. The beginning with that amazing instrumental it’s amazing, and 4minute really did it. It rocks! Then is well-known Gangnam Style. I think that 4-5 billion people knows it(the rest 1-2 billion people are 3 years children and 80 years old grannies). But yeah, I’m going nuts for Gangnam Style too. PSY just made it awesome. BoA’s long awaited comeback Only One was really great, and I really wanted it to be in this top, finally ranking it as #3. What can I say, BoA is amazing. The hip-hop dance there, and the slow song, together it’s just an amazing combination. No. 2 is totally amazing, and I really want to name Pandora as a tie with #1, but I can’t. I’m sad that I can’t. KARA just went really down in my heart because of Japanese debut which didn’t fit, KARA is made to be amazing in Korea, after Pandora, I didn’t cared anymore. They could be anywhere, it’s the same KARA, same amazing KARA. Honestly, Kara is one of few artists that been amazing since their debut(and I was stupid I didn’t saw it before). And… Ta-dah! Day by Day is totally my #1. I didn’t thought that I would name a ballad my favorite song, but it’s such pure and it’s so mature and beautiful. I couldn’t not fall for this song, and even that T-ara had few problems recently, I don’t care, Day by Day is amazing.

Best Cover Art/Jacket Cover

Wanna Be1&1The OriginalI Need Romance 2012 Part 1 (tvN Miniseries)touch

AOA really had a great year, and the cover of Wanna be was one of most amazing ones I’ve saw. Maybe, the mot interesting thing there is the girls in costumes of famous characters(Juliet, Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany, Hermione, Lara Croft, etc.). Well, let’s describe it as spectacular. 1&1 cover, well I find it simple but still very beautiful. Not many people know to name simplicity as a way to be beautiful and come one, Juniel is one of simplest and most beautiful current Kpop female soloist(along with BoA and IU). THE ORIGINAL is again very simple, but girls’ make-up and things was really beautiful. I cannot throw these two out of the top. 10cm is a band, honestly IDK who are them, but I really liked this cover after I found it while searching for IDK what. I just love it. 10cm did an amazing cover for their Only U. And, there comes #1, which is totally amazing. touch by Miss A got the title, because I loved the colors, that dark red the girls in that black dresses and the rose petals. Everything is so beautiful.

Best Male Artist

Super Junior

Super Junior

They debuted in Japan and worldwide and they were still in top of Korean music. I’m happy that they’ve been active everywhere. And come one, Oppa Oppa from December last year, was OMG… Totally amazing. This year’s songs were Sexy, Free & Single, which was really great. I decided that SuJu is totally one best groups.

Best Female Artist



Ever since they weren’t popular, 2NE1 was amazing. They’ve been something like a rap group thanks to CL and Minzy, but the vocal music was really great, thanks to Dara and Bom. The group is very nice. Very beautiful, very everything that names them amazing. Finally, my decision was this since a long time ago.


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