BEST OF 2012: Best New Artists

I think this year was amazing, and few amazing rookies debuted. IDK if you agree with me, but I hope. Also, with this I’m starting my “BEST OF 2012” series, which will last until I will finally post the last list of this series(and later comeback in December 2013). In this series, I will start with Best New Artists, Best Albums,Best B-side and finally the end, Best A-side   Single.  I hope I can finish them quickly today. Anyway, within this week(3 Dec-10Dec) Oricon Year end, and I better end this together with the Oricon Year.

Ieiri Leo

Ieiri Leo

SabrinaShineBless YouLEO

This girl was just dreaming of becoming a singer, her dream became true and it seems it started well. With only 3 singles and 1 album she became one of Best New Artists of 2012, which seems that Japan Record Awards agrees(but still we need a public statement who is the Best New Artist). For me, this girl is amazing, and I’m sure that the 33k people that bought Shine, or 60k people that bought LEO is approving me.

Watanabe Mayu

Mayu Watanabe

Synchro TokimekiOtona Jelly BeansHikaru Monotachi

I don’t think that you will ever be able to say that Mayuyu doesn’t deserve all attention she got. She deserves! She did a good job with Synchro Tokimeki, and thought Otona Jelly Beans wasn’t best, Hikaru Monotachi was epic. She’s our dear Cyborg Girl and come one, you can’t love her.



Guruguru CurtainOide Shampoo (おいでシャンプー)Hashire! BicycleSeifuku no Mannequin (制服のマネキン)

You might think that they are only a bunch of girls and YES! they’re a lot of girls but talented girls. And I know that their initial popularity was only because they named themselves AKB48’s rival. But really, after this people forgot and they were amazing and people bought their albums. You don’t have to be a big producer or a musician to discover their talent.



STUDY x STUDYMiracle RushChoose Me♡Darling

These girls are the former Team DEKARIS, under a new name and with much more power to impress you. Since STUDYxSTUDY and until now they’ve released few singles but really nice ones. You might think that they’re just like other seiyuu group, not my darling, not at all. They’re much more. And they were trained to give their best. That’s StylipS.

Sashihara Rino

Rino Sashihara

Soredemo Suki Dayo (それでも好きだよ)Ikujinashi Masquerade

After Tomochin and also Acchan, the second one to top Oricon chart is Sasshi. She’s one of the girls that gives their best, and yes she had few problems with scandals, but look this didn’t made her had problems with staying in AKB48. She did her best, she won fans’ trust again. She’s amazing! Soredemo Sukidayo was already a proof, and after topping Oricon Weekly with Ikuji Nashi Masquerade I don’t think that you will ever need some proof to name her AMAZING.


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