AKB48 48 Days Challenge

Hiya! I love doing those things. And truth to be told I will always do everything 1 day, I’m not a big follower of that day by day rule. So, everything today. And I’m going to do few challenges today. I am bored, aha. Check it out the first one: AKB48!

1. Your first impression of AKB48?

A bunch of girls that are singing and dancing against Hello! Project(it was my Hello! Project freak days). I didn’t liked them, I wasn’t a big fan of them for a some time(January – July 2nd 2011). I became a fan on July 3rd 2011, because I opened my first blog, etc. etc and it happened to start with some Tomochin things. So, at first I didn’t really liked AKB48, neither one of their sister-groups.
2. What hooked you to AKB48?

My first blog had one of its first posts an Itano Tomomi thing, and she got me into AKB48 with Fui ni PV release. So I guess its thanks to her. Thank you, Itano Tomomi! Honestly I am really happy that you are the girl that made me like AKB48. I don’t really have word to describe this feeling. I am happy.
3. Who was the first member to gain your attention?

Itano Tomomi. On July 3rd 2011, I posted(one of the first posts on my blog) about Fui ni PV release, there on my blog, and then I fell for her and the PV. So, Tomochin is the one.
4. Did you dislike someone in the beginnng of your fandom? If yes, what were the reasons?

Maeda Atsuko. Now I love her and I’m sad I disliked her and I’m really sad that she graduated. Well, I disliked her because she was the center. I was a Tomochin-oshi at that time and I couldn’t think of something else but Tomochin as the center. Acchan was the center and it annoyed me so much. I’m very sorry for that.
5. Which is your favorite 48-group?

AKB48. I love each 48-group but neither NMB48 or SKE48 were able to be AKB48’s rival in my heart. Neither Nogizaka46, which I respect and like more than official other 48-groups. I will always have a special place in my heart for each of them, but they can defeat AKB48. Those are the queens. And that’s it.
6. Which is your favorite sub-unit?

DiVA. Well, I can’t really choose. It’s a big battle between DiVA, Not Yet and No Sleeves. I can’t choose between those 3 amazing sub-units. But I’m choosing DiVA after all because my oshi is there and one of best vocals and an amazing girl was there. So, it’s DiVA. They’re really cool.
7. Your favorite Team A member?

Takahashi Minami. After the Tokyo Dome Concert Shuffle I was devastated. Kojiharu was transfered, Acchan left, etc. But after all there were few members that were still there and look at that, Takamina is still there. I like her. And now she’s my Team A oshimen.

8. Your favorite Team K member?

It’s Matsui Jurina. But if we’re not counting transffered members then it would be Oshima Yuko. I have something with those popular members. But I don’t worry. Both Jurina and Yuuko are centers, they are together the double-center in both AKB and Team K. This team has amazing members and it’s damn hard to choose one. Also when your oshi, which was originally from Team K, went somewhere else. That’s it.
9. Your favorite Team B member?

I think it’s Kojima Haruna. I don’t really know how is. It’s hard to choose between Kojiharu, Renacchi, Yukirin and Ume-chan. Kojiharu is gorgeous. Rencchi is the fresh that I always liked. Yukiring is the ame onna you can’t dislike. And Ume-chan is the cool dancer. I can’t choose. I only put Kojiharu first because she is always stunning.
10. Your oshimen?

Miyazawa Sae. Don’t ask. Everyone that knows me knows that I am Sae-chan oshi no matter what. So, I don’t care if she will ever come back from SNH48 I will support her forever. She is my #1. Absolutely forever. There’s no idol in the word that I’d like more. Absolutely none. She’s my role model(if you’re not including my family).
11. Your favorite team?

Team K or Team 4. I haven’t been very into Team B, and Team A wasn’t enough awesome to be my favorite team. I love the freshness and Team 4 was always that new thing in AKB48. Team K was always rocking and a big part of me wants to escape from bubblegum world.
12. Favorite a-side from a single?

It’s so hard to choose but I think that it is UZA. It’s a really cool song and it changed my attention from the first moment. I don’t find any song as good, amazing and awesome than UZA. The other one I really love would be Ue Kara Mariko. But there’s no way for Ue Kara Mariko to be so amazing to be UZA’s equal or to surpass UZA.
13. Favorite b-side from a single?

Really? I don’t know at all. But let’s see what I like… *checking* I found one B-side I really love and probably there’s no 48-group B-side to surpass it. Darkness by SKE48. It’s fromo Choco no Dorei. And it surpasses hundreds of songs.
14. Favorite stage and/or album song?

Yes! I’m prepared now. Pioneer which is an amazing song. I can’t live without this song. It keeps me alive. It’s totally best ever AKB48 related, including Nogizaka46, all sister groups, all sub-units, all units, all soloist. Best ever!
15. Favorite AKB48’s song?

You didn’t heard me? It’s Pioneer. Susume, Team A! Pioneer yo! And there’s no way to ever like a song more than this one. Aki-P can’t do a better song. I love it and there’s nothing else I can say. I can’t describe this song in words. And I’m gonna listen it right now(great idea, guys!)
16. Favorite SKE48’s song?

Darkness, thank you for question. But I’m really sure that I already said it somewhere. I don’t know. It’s so confusing, but all you need to know it’s that I love this song. It’s cool, amazing, awesome and I don’t know enough words.
17. Favorite NMB48’s song?

Mhhhm… I don’t know. I think   I’m sure you don’t know what hard is to choose between really great, nice songs. Ah Got it! It’s Kitagawa Kenji. Followed carefully by Doryoku e Shizuku and probably Migi e magare!. Those are my favorites. Kitagawa Kenji is a nice and cute tune NMB48 doesn’t often do. In my opinion it’s second time they do something like that, other A-side like this is Oh My God!!. Well, look at are wa Kitagawa Kenji.
18. Favorite No Sleeves’ song?

Kuchibiru furezu… is totally my favorite song. I like many No Sleeves songs, like Kirigirisujin or 3seconds, but Kuchibiru furezu… always caught my eyes. Probably because it’s first AKB48 sub-unit song I’ve ever heard, but it’s still one of best.
19. Favorite Watarirouka Hashiritai’s song?

I think it’s Valentine Kiss. I don’t really like Watarirouka Hashiritai 7, so I don’t follow them and this means I don’t know many songs. I only heard this one and few others and this one was best.
20. Favorite French Kiss’ song?

Rainy day, the B-side of Romance Privacy. A really touching song if you ask me. French Kiss is really good in ballads and slow songs. This song fits perfectly this group. Zutto Mae Kara is a great song too, but doesn’t equalize Rainy Day.
21. Favorite DiVA’s song?

Cry. A rock-ist song. My favorite. I’m not talking about a cake but a song. Cry is really cool. DiVA is always amazing but that time they surpassed any of their limits. Wow!! Good job, Sae-chan, Ume-chan, Yuukachan and Sayaka. You’re as amazing as usually, girls! Just can’t stop saying that.
22. Favorite Not yet’s song?

Naminori Kakigoori. It’s a summer touch. This is the thing that makes me like the song. Plus that it’s officially best song. Other songs are really meh. So Naminori Kakigoori rocks all the way. Oh yeah! And Not Yet, well this unit is with the girls that still need some more training, I don’t think so. They’re amazing. That’s why I listen to them
23. Favorite sub-unit song overall?

Don’t ask. I’m just able to take a random one and name it best. I caaaaaaaaaan’t do that. And I guess I must answer this question. It’s Naminori Kakigoori or as I like to name it “a summer & fresh touch”
24. First stage you watched and your current favorite stage?

Mokugekisha to both. I didn’t really listened to stages. I know that I’ve tried to listen to Party ga Hajimaru! but dropped after first two songs. I didn’t had time or even motivation to continue. I like AKB48 but not enough to waste my time of listening really cool songs. I don’t really like experimenting new music. I first listened to a full-stage on August 27th, at YouTube live streaming of Acchan’s graduation. There I listened to Mokugekisha and loved Mokugekisha. Now I finished Party ga Hajimaru! but it didn’t even took a little corner of my heart. Mokugekisha is totally the best one.
25. Favorite stage unit?

Team Surprise. I don’t really know what stage unit means. But Team Surprise things are really cool. So, any meaning stage unit could have, Team Surprise will always be my favorite at stage things.
26. Favorite live performance of a song?

There are two #1 here. First one would be any Pioneer live and second one would be Request Hour 2013’s Kiseki wa ma ni awaranai, which is Sae-chan centered and that’s why I super-duper like it. I don’t have any other lives I really like. Only okay or meh impressions of lives. That’s it. Only those two are over average limit.
27. Favorite concert?

Unit Matsuri 2013. I watched few performances and really like it. Great concert! I have nothing to complain about this concert so all I have to say is that I like it. The shuffles were really great. The songs performed were really cool. That was one of my new songs experimenting moments and it ended really nice. I listened for first time to a song named Pajama Drive and loved it so much.
28. Favorite photobook release?

I don’t know. I think it’s Bukiyou by Maeda Atsuko. It’s hard to choose because gorgeous members had no photobooks, like Kojiharu, it’s painful. But Acchan had some photobooks which can be named as one of bests. Personally, and now recalculating yup Bukiyou is my favorite.
29. Favorite single release? A single that left you impression as whole.

Let’s name them:  Ue Kara Mariko, Gingham Check, UZA & Eien Pressure. Out of these, I think that UZA touched my heart most. Ue Kara Mariko was amazing. Gingham Check had really nice songs. Eien Pressure had a meh A-side but the B-sides overcame the loss. And UZA had no low point. So it’s totally UZA single I even bought.
30. Favorite album/stage album release?

Mokugekisha. I don’t think that I need to explain it again. Hope you read what I wrote before. lol. You’re not obligated, it’s not a must, of course. But anyway I will repeat. Mokugekisha is first stage I finished completely and the only that surpassed the average limit and for me it’s my favorite stage, and stage release too.
31. Favorite 48 related variety TV show?

AKBINGO! It’s the only TV show I saw. I didn’t saw other TV shows. So I don’t have anything else to write here. But AKBINGO! is enough amazing. So,  I don’t have anything else to say. AKBINGO! is the major TV show of AKB48 and most likely nobody knows the other shows.
32. Favorite 48 related drama?

Majisuka Gakuen. Majisuka Gakuen whole it. But mostly Season 1 & Season 3. I haven’t really watched full season 2. But Season 1 is full of originality and I can’t pass that. And Season 3 is fresh. Yeah, freshness and/or originality. You don’t need more to impress me. That’s why AKB48 are my Jpop queens(and Japan’s queens).
33. Your favorite PV?

It’s too hard. Please don’t make me choose.  If it’s only AKB48 I’d really choose Gingham Check, that Joseph Kahn guy did a really nice job. For SKE48 I’d chose Kataomoi Finally, because it’s such a dynamic PV and really cool. For NMB48  it’s Junjou U-19, for being a new theme that wasn’t really used before, the circus thing out there. SDN48 didn’t have really interesting PVs but out of theirs I’d like Yaritagariya-san, because it didn’t bored me and it’s a big thing there. Oh oh, I was ready to forget about units, soloists and Nogizaka46. Without a true comment, I’d say Pera Pera Perao, Synchro Tokimeki and Seifuku no Mannequin. And finally, my favorite PV from whole is Gingham Check.
34. What kind of a fan do you think you are?

From which categories. I don’t know. I’m a modest fan. I’m not a big wota, because I live at 7 hours time-zone distance and no concert, no show(except YouTube live stream). Only CDJapan that can bring me things. Nice life, right? Well, not nice for a fan. I’d like to be named AKB48 otaku, not really wota but neither a simple fan. I love them after all!
35. Your 48Collection

Really? I hoped I’d could escape those kind of questions. No chance! Well, it’s a UZA CD(Type B) and 2 trading cards, one with Yuuko only and the second one is first press bonus from CDJapan, a Takamina & Sayanee photo. Other things I don’t really have. But still love them. And I might do not be the richest girl in the word and might do not be really able to buy many CDs, but it’s important that there’s another fan. And another and another fan makes the fandom even bigger. Yes! I’m important.
36. A song that makes you cry.

Sasae. It’s such a touching song. I really like it. I don’t know why but always, absolutely always, when I listen to this song and hear the names of many graduated  girls, SDN48 members, all of them I’m so.. I am crying. And I can’t really stop for some time. This is the effect that this song has on me. But I’m not sad about it. I am happy that such a good song could be make to Team K, a song that can touch hearts, that can remember us about great members that now are graduated.
37. A song that cheers you up.

Phuuuuuufff. *being like a pro* I won’t say that it’s hard choosing. *done with being like a pro* It’s really hard. But after all I think that Kiseki wa ma ni awanai. It’s a Sae-chan centered song and even if last days it was the first time I heard it, a Sae-chan centered song makes me happy and rise my mood.
38. A song that you dislike and why.

Yankee Soul. Sometimes I liked bubblegum pop, sometimes I don’t. Well, in Yankee Soul case it’s neither bubblegum neither something else. It’s something I can’t understand. I don’t like the Majijo Part and anything like that. That part annoyed me a lot and that’s why I didn’t really tried to understand the rest of the song. Don’t ask me. I don’t really know what this song is about.
39. Favorite CD-art?

Sakura no Shiori Type A. It’s really an elegant and beautiful cover. I really like it. It shows the true beauty of Maeda Atsuko and honestly she’s really beautiful. This time, and honestly, I don’t care that the song Sakura no Shiori is meh, I don’t care about the music because I am in love with the cover and that Maeda Atsuko.
40. Favorite choreography?

UZA chereography. It’s a strong dance number and honestly AKB48 knows how to dance. Yuuko is such a powerful and strong dancer. And thank god she’s in A-sides. I wonder how would look if Ume-chan would do that dance. She’s amazing at dancing too. Well, back to UZA chereography: It’s better than usual AKB48 dances and this reason is more than enough to name it my favorite 48 groups chereography ever.

41. Favorite lyrics?

“Love is darkness/If night were to fall, oh, upon the two of us/Everything will vanish, oh, like a shooting star”. Those lyrics are from Darkness by SKE48, the Choco no Dorei single, I think that I talked few times before about this song. I love the song. And those lyrics are… I don’t really know a word to describe them but I liked them.

42. What would you want to say to your oshimen?

When I’ll debut as an author will you read my book, Sae-chan?” and I really don’t know what she’d say but I think that she’s really polite and will say yes only to make me feel good. I don’t know, but I’d love to know that.
43. Have you met the members or been to a concert? How was it?

No. As I said I live at 7 hours time-zone distance and probably I will never see them live. That’s something really annoying. It makes me feel bad. I wish to see a concert, but live streams are okay for the moment.
44. What do you think is the best in the fandom? And do you think there is any bad sides in it?

I don’t know. I’m not really interested in bunches of fans. I am okay to see myself loving AKB48. But if you want an opinion from outside, I would say that I love those many fans, the WOTA, shouting and screaming: “Tiger Fyber Ciber” and that whole thing. I love to see fans supporting AKB48.
45. Team A Ranking

I am too lazy to rank all girls so I will show you only my top 5. It’s faster, easier and.. Check it out! My Team A #5 is Iriyama Anna. She’s really cute, fresh and has a nice voice. Team A #4 is Kawaei Rina. Cute cute cute, a possible and very possible and probably next center. Team A #3 is Watanabe Mayu. Come on, who doesn’t likes Mayuyu she’s too cute and Cyborg Idols are super amazing. My Team A #2 is Shinoda Mariko. She’s is photogenic and really beautiful. She has a nice voice and Mariko is totally a mature woman and a nice face to see. My totally #1 Team A member is Takahashi Minami. Well, Takamina is the leader and many things to AKB48. She means a lot of things for me too. She’s a role model and this made me rank her as #1.
46. Team K Ranking

I am too lazy to rank all girls so I will show you only my top 5. It’s faster, easier and.. Check it out! My Team K #5 is Kuramochi Asuka. She is a great member, a nice voice and I really like her nickname: Mocchi. Team K #4 is Shimada Haruka. Haruu is a new face in Team K and a really beautiful and cute face. I must mention that I nearly melted for Uruseeyo(yes, I am a girl). Team K #3 is Itano Tomomi. At least putting her here until she graduates. Until recently, Tomochin had step by step fewer and fewer place in my heart. I don’t know why I didn’t liked her for sometime. At least now to remember how amazing she is.  My Team K #2 is Oshima Yuko. No reasons why. She’s amazing after all. And my absolutely Team K #1 is Matsui Jurina. She’s so amazing and she’s only 15 years old.
47. Team B Ranking

I am too lazy to rank all girls so I will show you only my top 5. It’s faster, easier and.. Check it out! #5 is Kashiwagi Yuki. #4 is Umeda Ayaka. #3 is Watanabe Miyuki. #2 is Kato Rena. And the big #1 is Kojima Haruna. Trying one-word thing now: Sweet, Dancer, Interesting(?), Fresh, Stunning. Well, all are really gorgeous but I had to choose something after all. Team B is the team I was never really interested in but I always knew that it is there.
48. Your overall Top48 Ranking

I am too lazy to rank all girls so I will show you only my top 5. It’s faster, easier and.. Check it out! And probably doing that one-word thing again. Well, let’s start! #5 is Sashihara Rino(also #1 from HKT48), #4 is Oshima Yuuko, #3 is Takahashi Minami(actual #1 full-member from AKB48), #2 Matsui Jurina(#1 from SKE48 & maybe AKB48) and my big and sweet #1 is Miyazawa Sae. And let’s start with one-word descriptions:  GirlNextDoor(1 word, yeah), Front, Role-model(again, 1 word), Young Center(yeah I’m kind of done with one-word things). And Sae-chan: Perfection(a combination of awesomeness, perfection, best-something-, amazingness and others).

That’s all guys. Tomorrow I might came back with another thing. I will start working right now.


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