BEST OF 2013: Best A-sides.

Hiyyaa!! Here’s the final top of 2013… Best A-sides. Well, I hope it ended nice. The year was nice. Really nice! Since January there were some really cool songs, which you’ll find here. As you can see this is a Kpop/Jpop top, so both. Kpop, amazing as usually, and Jpop, the familiar awesomeness. Kono Machi […]

My Official Top 48 AKB48&related (excluding Nogizaka46) members! Enjoy1

Miyazawa Sae Takahashi Minami Matsui Jurina Oshima Yuuko Sashihara Rino Kojima Haruna Watanabe Mayu Kashiwagi Yuki Yamamoto Sayaka Watanabe Miyuki Matsui Rena Yamada Nana Murashige Anna Kuramochi Asuka Yokoyama Yui Kodama Haruka Umeda Ayaka Iwasa Misaki Takajo Aki Iriyama Anna Miyawaki Sakura Nagao Mariya Takahashi Juri Kato Rena Shimazaki Haruka Minegishi Minami Kizaki Yuria Shimada […]


Book Name: The Wishes Author Name: Lavinyaa Pash Character Name: Lucia Hunter So, how did you two meet and how long ago was it? Author: While reading Dracula by Bram Stoker, this girl came to my mind Character: You just can’t imagine how hard was to get there. What was your first impression of each […]

The Forever Girl(Review)

The Forever Girl is one of the many books you can find of amazon that most of people think that are good. Well, I’m gonna tell you the truth. Out of all that many “good” books this book should stand out and go to a super-duper cool category. Yes, this book is really cool. The […]