Help me!!(Review)


Don’t ask. This single is not okay. But I can say and you guys gotta believe that it’s turning amazing day by day because I listen to the songs more and it really works on me. I like them. Well, this time I’m not gonna do a PV opinion(1 PV only), neither a cover opinion ’cause I did one at cover reveal. Well, Morning Musume is turning better. Sakura really did her job and made a good first impression. Reina must be flawless before her graduation and she is. Here we go with the important things.

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BEST OF 2012: Best A-sides/Lead Tracks

I didn’t believe at all that I’d be able to finish it so quickly. It took me 2 hours of research for all songs of artists and a list in my laptop about the songs I like… What can I say? I’m happy. I finished it. Yeah, I’m happy. But also, with this, BEST of 2012 series ends and I really like doing this thing. Thank you for supporting. I will comeback each year, but remember there’s a Half Year 2013 top I must do in June, then goodbye and then Long Time No See in next December. Bye, BEST OF!

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BEST OF 2012: Best Coupling Tracks & Album Tracks

Well, we almost did it. This list is near the end, but not last. It’s still amazing that I could do everything. Hope you will like them! And please comment on each one. I want to know you opinion. Hehe… My first time doing these kind of BEST OF! Honestly my first time doing Yearly Ranks… But I love doing them. Thank you for support! Also, sorry for not being able to do a top 100, I just do not know enough B-sides, only 72, which went back to 50. Again, I hope you will like it!

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BEST OF 2012: Best Album

Well, the first one that has a worst one thing. Happy to list the best and worst albums. Well, IDK how this will end, but I’m keeping the best parts at the final. Well, I couldn’t do the Worst List. I will update it later. But I’m happy that I did it until here. Hope you like it because I don’t really follow blogs and probably that ten albums below are first albums I saw. Overall, jpop albums this year were really great. The covers too. And it was a great year for Ayu and AKB48. Yeah!

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BEST OF 2012: Best Kpop

Well, I didn’t thought I’d be able to do more lists today(but I have nothing better to do). So, I decided to put some KPOP there. But don’t use ugly words if I’m not good at all here. But honestly I think this was hard, KPOP wasn’t my best thing, but I was feeling like I MUST DO ONE TOO. But Kpop fans don’t lose your hope. Top Songs is ready for Kpop too. hehe… So keeping visiting my blog!

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BEST OF 2012: Best New Artists

I think this year was amazing, and few amazing rookies debuted. IDK if you agree with me, but I hope. Also, with this I’m starting my “BEST OF 2012” series, which will last until I will finally post the last list of this series(and later comeback in December 2013). In this series, I will start with Best New Artists, Best Albums,Best B-side and finally the end, Best A-side   Single.  I hope I can finish them quickly today. Anyway, within this week(3 Dec-10Dec) Oricon Year end, and I better end this together with the Oricon Year.

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