Weird Q&A Things

Well, I’ve just got this idea. And a really interesting how this will end. I’m going to have lots of things here. Stupid and stupid things. And I think it’s gonna be fun.

  1. Question: If you were to compare yourself to a vegetable which it would be?
    Answer: Cucumbers. I am special in my own way.
  2. Question: How do you act when you start getting sleepy?
    Answer: Slap myself on the cheeks.
  3. Question:  Could you give me some advice on how to make studying more interesting?
    Answer: I can’t really give advice about how to make studying more interesting, but try to learn something that catches your eye. And do your best.
  4. Question: What would you say to the Martians?
    Answer: Let me introduce you to my mother’s cooking. She can do amazing things with a spoon.
  5. Question: Do you have something you do as a daily routine?
    Answer: Yes. When I wake up, I usually go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I actually hate brushing my teeth but recently it became a daily routine to me.
  6. Question: What’s your favorite thing that goes well with rice?
    Answer: Sugar, lol. Sometimes I add sugar to the rice and it ends really good.
  7. Question: In your opinion, how old do you look to others?
    Answer: Mature or something like that.
  8. Question: If you could go for a drive alone, where would you go?
    Answer: I’d go trough ocean to Japan or USA. It’s gonna be fun.
  9. Question: Please teach me your super-secret saving methods!
    Answer: Don’t take your whole wallet when you go shopping.
  10. Question: What makes you feel relaxed?
    Answer: A blue sky. A sunny day. No homework.
  11. Question: If you were an athlete, which song would you like to have as your entrance song?
    Answer: Lucy Hale’s Make You Believe or Lucy Hale’s Bless Myself.
  12. Question: Suddenly, in a quiet atmosphere in front of many people, your stomach starts making sounds. What would you do?
    Answer: Run run run somewhere nobody would see me or hear me and then waiting for the sounds to stop. Or, more simple, I’d blame a person near me.
  13. Question: Please tell us your way to deal with stress.
    Answer: Listen to music or be like a medium, look at a thing and see every detail of it. It really help and you will do not be stresses anymore.
  14. Question: What’s a hairstyle you’d like to try once?
    Answer: A Lady Gaga thing with my real hair. But probably not because I like the way my hair is right now.
  15. Question: If you were to work part-time, what job would you choose?
    Answer: Newspaper girl.
  16. Question: Do you have any special way to deal with anxiety?
    Answer: Smile and be yourself. Someone will surely notice you and befriend you. But try to do not be too comic.
  17. Question: What words from other people make you happy?
    Answer: “Good job!”
  18. Question: If you could be reincarnated into an animal, what would it be?
    Answer: Cheetah. I’d love to run so fast. Or any kind of feline.
  19. Question: Give yourself a grade from 1-5 (5 is highest) into your personal report card! Please add the reason too.
    Answer: Maybe 3-4. I don’t really like myself.
  20. Question: If you were reborn as a man, what would you like to do?
    Answer: Befriend other boys(I was always a tomboy girl but I couldn’t really befriend boys).
  21. Question: Please try to think of a replacement for ‘Say cheese!’ that people could use when taking photos.
    Answer: Chuuuu-pppiii!
  22. Question: What’s the secret seasoning that should be added to curry?
    Answer: Salt and pepper and special vegetables. Oh, and love.
  23. Question: If you could go to a world that was full of ○○, what would it be?
    Answer: A word where people would rather read books than staying whole day in front of a computer. Or at least seeing movies. That thing is a way of destroying this world.
  24. Question: You just scored a super-goal in a soccer game. How would you celebrate?
    Pizza or hamburgers(sorry, I haven’t eat hamburgers in a while and that’s all I can think about. WANT!).
  25. Question: What pet would you like to raise?
    A dog. My favorite dog race is husky but I can’t raise one at a block of flats.
  26. Question: What is the country you want to visit most?
    Tie! Japan & USA. USA is so large, it would take me some time to visit it but I want to. Japan is a country I always admired and I want to got there too.
  27. Question: If you were to meet a bear in the forest, what would you do?
    I’d say: “Let me pass!! The food my mom cocked is gonna cool”.
  28. Question: If you were a zoo caretaker, what animal would you want to be in charge of?
    Turtles. They’re pacifists and I can read a book same time. lol.
  29. Question: If you were to make an original sandwich, what would you put in it?
    Everything you can put on a pizza. Cheese(it depends about the taste you want it to have, also which kind of cheese you like), salad or lettuce, prosciutto, salami. I like meat.
  30. Question: Tell us the yell you use to get fired up!
  31. Question: What’s the source of your energy?
    The love I carry for everyone and everything, and for the world.
  32. Question: What’s something you make sure to do every day before sleeping?
    Thank God for everything he’ve done to make us happy(Yes, I am christian).

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